5 Simple Tips to Get Rid of Tired Eyes

Eyes are among the most strained parts of your body. They are regarded as the windows of one’s soul and so they tell so much about what the person feels or think. If you work all day long in front of a computer or reading files, your eyes are likely to feel dry and tired. To help you resolve your dilemma, here are simple tips to get rid of tired eyes.

1.        Use polarized monitor filter

Working in front of your computer or laptop is a major cause of eye strain. However, using a polarized monitor filter is the best solution to get rid of tired eyes.

2.       Close them for a while

Since you have to work for hours, you seldom get the chance to rest your eyes during the day. That is why you must close your eyes once in a while for few minutes, so they can have a little break from the long-term strain.

3.        Apply cold compress

When you get home, make sure to rest your eyes and apply some cold compress on them. You may put a slice of cucumber or potato over each eye to get rid of tired eyes. You may also wet or damp a small towel or cloth with cold water and put it over your eyes.

4.       Remove your make up before sleeping

Your eye mascara as well as your foundation can irritate our eyes, so better wash them off first before you sleep. It will be better if you can use a light eye make-up remover to effectively cleanse the skin around your eyes.

5.       Get an eye mask

Since you always use your eyes, then why not give them the best treatment that they deserve? To get rid of tired eyes, it will be best to invest on an eye mask and wear them all night while you sleep. This will give your eyes a fresh look each day you wake up.

These tips are certainly easy to follow, so there is no reason not to get rid of tired eyes. In case, you notice something different to your eyes, always refer to a doctor for proper analysis.

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